About us:

Drivexpress is dedicated logistics service and management solutions providers. From small packages to large cargo , from packaging to warehousing, from small trucks to cargo ships - we ship, we store and we manage. Innovative logistics solutions across globe.

What We Do:

We help business move their shipments across the globe with the detailed coordination of where and when to provide right service and solutions. We use cost effective methods to solve logistic services to our clients. Partnership with the right industry leading logistics providers to provide fast and accurate service.


Our Company:


    2007 Drivexpress Started

    We started with just one van to 80 trucks within 4 years. We start to grow fast because we delivered what we promised.


    2010 Non-stop growth

    Expanded into warehousing, supply chain and overseas shipping .


    2015 Expanding our network

    Today we are still expanding & growing thanks to our dedicated services.



    Fast Worldwide delivery

    Fast and accurate shipments is our goal and mission. We make sure we use the right logistic service to provide fast and effective delivery service.


    End-to-end solution available

    We provide a wide range of industry solutions such as logistics consulting, supply chain manage, secured warehousing and packing solutions.


    Safety & Compliance

    We care about our business. We use the latest safety measures to ensure we provide government compliances solutions, use environmental friendly fuel and contribute funds to help roads to stay clean.