We provide a variety of packaging supplies
and packaging services to full-fill logistics requirments.

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Our warehouse solutions is intergrated with the latest packaging service for our clients to save time and money.

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Need help re-organizing your shipments. Our warehouse can pack and unpack your goods into different packaging for your needs.

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We can make customzied packaging for each of your products. Regardless or size or weight we can make the right package.

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We do extensive research and development to find the right package for our clients. Our wholesale prices are below market cost.


We put a great emphasis on getting packing of the process right for a number of reasons. Apart from the obvious and everyone wanting the contents of an order to arrive safely and undamaged, we go a step further and monitor all packaging and waste to minimize its affect on the environment and also offer customers the option to personalize their packaging whether it be specific box sizes, shape, colour or even brand personalization.

We know that you must present your brand and your product in the best possible way and can design and manufacture many different types of packaging , ranging from a simple plain boxes to secured and strong carbon fiber materials to ensure safty for your goods.


packaging options table
package sizesmallmediumlarge
Package dimensions 120 x 150 x 178 120 x 150 x 178 120 x 150 x 178
Weight 35 kg 45kg 65kg
Capacity approx 158 units of textile approx 258 units of textile approx 258 units of textile


Other services

tailored logistics services


Consulting services to help run your logistics needs for cost effective, time management and reliable on-time delivery.


We specialize in supply chain management for warehousing, product distributions and inventory control.


We bring your goods safely our secured warehouses located worldwide. Inventory control to online tracking.